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This website will be hosted in perpetuity as a tribute to the volunteers of Noah’s Wish and all that they accomplished in the field of disaster response for animals. Since its inception, Noah’s Wish has been nationally recognized as a “pioneer” in the field of disaster response for animals. Many of the practices and procedures in use today were developed, implemented and perfected by the volunteers of Noah’s Wish.

We are also making available our trademarked forms and training materials so that those that have not developed their own disaster plans for animals may take advantage of the proven and professional information we provide.

The primary mission upon which Noah’s Wish was founded in 2002 was to “save the lives of animals impacted by disasters.” This mission has been largely accomplished through the diligent efforts of everyone involved with the organization over the years including the founders, staff, board of directors and especially our volunteers. Noah’s Wish volunteers are an extremely dedicated group of people, who gave all they had while making major personal sacrifices along the way, and always putting the needs of the animals as their chief priority.

At this time with our strategic mission largely accomplished throughout the United States and Canada and the diminished need for a national disaster animal response team, Noah’s Wish is re-evaluating how the organization may fit into this new and empowered local disaster response environment. As part of that evaluation Noah’s Wish is suspending its national response efforts, but will continue with our community outreach and training programs on a limited basis.

Thank you to all who have supported our efforts over the past 12 years.

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3 responses to "Noah’s Wish Announcement"

  1. The training and experiences that I had with Noah’s Wish were outstanding – My week in Arkansas was awesome. Thank you

  2. Robyn Raymer says:

    The two weeks I spent with Noah’s Wish in Slidell were some of the best of my life. My two nine-year-old Slidell cats, Katrina and Beausoleil continue to make my life joyful. Thanks so much.

  3. Mary Hudacek says:

    Please let me know what you decide. I would support your efforts again, if/when you resume disaster response on a greater scale.