Noah's Wish

Saving Animals in Disasters

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September 2008 - Fire

Monday, September 1st 2008

At the request of Placer County Ca Animal Control, Noah’s Wish has dispached volunteers to the Placer County Fairgrounds to receive and shelter animals being transported from the scene of a wildfire in Lincoln. 18 horses and 10 dogs are currently being trailered to that location. Heavy winds expanded a small grass fire to an out of control blaze endangering the animals.. The First Response Trailer and needed supplies are being taken to the shelter location.

Noah’s Wish volunteers, Becky Oliver, Kim DeWoody, Mike and Lisa Freer, Rick Prock and Kevin Oliver, scrambled to staff a temporary shelter setup at Gold Country Fairgrounds in Auburn CA just 3 hours after being asked to help with a fire burning in Placer County. Dry, gusty winds fanned a grass fire that quickly was out of control, burning one home in its path and mandating evacuations of residents in the area. At its peak the shelter housed 18 horses, 10 dogs, 2 goats and several cats and birds. Once winds died down, firefighters gained control of the blaze and lifted evacuation orders allowing all sheltered animals to be returned home by midnight.