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August 2008 - Black Cat Fire

Missoula Montana – August, 2008?

Fire seems to plague the Northwest this summer, at one time there were over 50 major wild lands fires burning in Montana and Idaho (remember this was only August, prime fire season doesn’t usually begin until September). After monitoring all the activity and making several calls to Missoula Animal Control and the Western Montana Humane Society, it was decided a trip to the area for a first hand evaluation of the situation was in order.

Michele Cutler, Coordinator Region 2, and her husband Ted, volunteered to do the initial assessment.? At that time the fires were the “Seeley Lake” and “Jocko” fires, both burning to the northwest of Missoula. When Ted and Michele arrived, they found the local Humane Society and animal control had everything under control. They met key personnel, explained what Noah’s Wish does, asked them to call if they needed our help and then they returned home.

On August 16, 2008, Michele received a call asking if our offer of assistance was still open; another fire had started and homes were being evacuated in the Missoula area.? This new fire was named “The Black Cat Fire”.

The closest available Coordinator, Donna Wackerbauer in Canada, was ready to leave immediately. She arrived in Missoula on Friday the 17th. In the meantime, Becky Oliver and Charlie Crosby flew to Missoula, where all three remained busy with the 77 animals in the shelter, until evacuation orders were lifted and the shelter closed on August 29, 2008.

My only escape was this tree…..but it was on FIRE

12/05/08 – Update on Alfalfa, the cat pictured above, has fully recovered from his burns and is now running around the ranch he calls home and is doing just great!