Noah's Wish

Saving Animals in Disasters

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June/July 2011 - Flood

On July 31, 2011, the last of Noah’s Wish volunteers packed up and headed for home. This will close out our response tothe ?flooding in Minot, North Dakota. This has been a long and extremely difficult response for everyone. We would like to sincerely thank all of you that responded to the call for help – know that you made a significant difference in the lives of a number of animals that through no fault of their own found themselves in the emergency shelter for such an extended period of time.? Think of what could have happened if you hadn’t been there to offer your support and hours of hard work.

Again, thank you one and all for all that you do to make Noah’s Wish the organization that it is.

Wednesday July 20,2011 at day at the shelter by Jim Bruener

We are all doing well considering Tuesday was a day for the record books. According to the meteorologist , the dew point was higher today than it’s ever been in Minot. Temperatures were over 100, and locals? kept saying, “It never gets this hot in North Dakota!” I was soaked head to toe from sweat, and it was squishing in my boots with every step I took. But we got through it and everyone is fine.

The local people in Minot have been just so incredible, so giving and gracious, in spite? of? the devastation that has struck them and their community. Some of the daily volunteers have lost their homes and everything else – no flood insurance as they are in a 500 year plain and told that it would not be necessary. Those who live in areas safe to enter have been told to go to their homes to salvage what they can, then their homes will be bulldozed. In spite of the uncertainty that they face, they come daily to the shelter to care for the displaced animals. ? Little by little the animals are going home. To see a reclaim, a family reunited, makes the long days and sweltering conditions all worth it. It is why we do what we do. ? Rumor has it that this heat wave is going to break sometime tonight and the dew point should drop into the 50s with high temps in the mid-80s. We all hope so. It would be a great relief.