Noah's Wish

Saving Animals in Disasters

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July 2008 - Floods

Note from the Lead Coordinator, Alex Reynolds:

July 1, 2008 – We had a very busy day today, we were up early to set up more canopies to cover the crates and runs.? The runs were delivered at about 9 am, and we immediately started setting those up, as dogs began arriving shortly after that.? Crates arrived next, and we spent quite a bit of time setting them up and getting things arranged for the dogs and cats.? The cats have a nice area in the barn, with good ventilation and protection from the sun.? Several sets of mothers and kittens are settling in nicely along with about 20 individual cats, for a total of 32.? 35 dogs are with us now, but hopefully some will be going back home or off to rescue groups soon.? We have made arrangements, with help from a group called Noah’s Ark, in Fairfield, IA, to make sure at least 13 of the dogs are spayed or neutered before they leave the shelter.? Most of today was spent getting everyone settled in and making sure everyone was protected from the elements.? The dogs seem happy to be outside, and the cats are very content in the barn. As reported by Amy Maher, Noah’s Wish Coordinator Region 3

Shelter Close

We ended our deployment Saturday, July 12th, at that time we had sixteen dogs and six cats, which were relocated to the Cedar Rapids shelter. When Noah’s Wish left there were only three owned dogs left at the shelter site.

The whole team would like to thank Barb and Mel Bryant, who are wonderful people, they opened their home to Noah’s Wish volunteers, as well as? many displaced animals. Their ranch was the site of the shelter and they were gracious and caring hosts to us all. I want to personally thank them both for being such wonderful people, they are a credit to their community.

I also want to thank the wonderful team I had over the two week period.? Gail Monick, the best secretary a Lead Coordinator could hope for, couldn’t have done it without you Gail, YOU ROCK!? Also, Sandy Eaves, Stacy Rago, Leslie Long, Katherine Rahman, Tanya Patton (who took one for the team in the form of a cat bite), Donna Campbell, Diane Perris, Mary Parker, Amy Maher, Roger Smith and Susan Haraway.? Also, thanks to K Weeks for coming on the last day and helping us break down, it was much needed as we were all tired.

Shelter is running smoothly. Still on to target to close on Sunday the 13th. Several animals that have not been claimed as yet and may need fostering….Check back for more information.

Molly, a Lab mix stray, had a large litter of puppies the day after she arrived. She is doing well, and as could be expected, she is being treated as a princess, now getting six to eight walks a day and coaching on her parenting skills. The puppies are also doing well with all this attention. Getting strong and with eyes open, the kiddie wading pool that was home just couldn’t keep them in. Now all are happy with their more secure accomodations.

Noah’s Wish volunteers are putting to use some of the tricks they learned during hurricane Katrina to keep the animals happy and healthy.