Noah's Wish

Saving Animals in Disasters

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April 2011 - Tornado

Noah’s Wish is responding volunteers to an animal sanctuary in Ellijay, Georgia that was destroyed in a tornado. Volunteers are needed to help with clean up and preparation of temporary shelters for the 64 animals at the location.

A massive fence was built to contain stock animals; separating the different groups according to their needs, including a separate pen for an expecting ewe. An electric fence was constructed so horses and donkeys could graze in a pasture.? All animals were inspected and treated for any injuries they might have sustained.

The owner of the sanctuary said, ”?I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the giant fenced-in ring the crew had constructed.? Noah’s Wish volunteers?are?keeping the field mucked and clean daily.? Everybody worked so hard with such enthusiasm and zeal -with the well-being of the animals their top priority”.

The Noah’s Wish team of volunteers continues to help with clean up efforts at the sanctuary and will remain onsite helping to feed and care for the animals until April 17.