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No slots in the commercial break!

It is very easy to lose a few euros quickly on an online slot machine. The probability of winning a lot of money on the slot machine is relatively low compared to other games. At the same time, it’s so easy to play, and every round is very fast. That’s why many people simply play a few rounds during their lunch break or even use the app while eating, in the hope of landing a lucky hit quickly and easily. But you should avoid that as much as possible!

If you play from home, you should look at a visit to the online casino in the same way as in a real one: You sit down, set a limit and then stop when this limit is reached. Otherwise you won’t notice how much money you are losing “on the side”.

The big advantage of online casinos is definitely free casino games. These are not only perfect for beginners to get to know slots, but also easy for all players who like to play but just want to take a break from playing with real money.

Playing slots with play money allows you to make sure that you really want to spend your money on this slot machine. In addition, payout tables and bonus properties can be checked in this way.

In almost every online casino you can play free slots, free blackjack and also free roulette; but live casino games are excluded. You can also play these games directly on casino games without registration and deposit!